Prevention web system

This web system achieves to centrally manage all the company documentation, plans, people, subcontractors and machinery necessary from the point of view of prevention. The application allows, on the one hand, to have the required documentation controlled, with expiration notices of documents (NIF, ITV, Calibrations, etc.) avoiding the duplication of said documents. This software consists of two access areas: One for the preventionists of the company where they control, load and manage all prevention plans, documentation, subcontractors, personnel, etc. And another extranet area for clients where security managers can consult in real time (in the cloud) any document referring to the work of the contracted company and its subcontractors.?


  • Access from anywhere in the world and with any device with a web browser (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc)
  • Preventionist area that allows centralized management of documentation, plans, projects, personnel, machinery, subcontractors, etc. improving productivity. It is not necessary to send the same documentation, nor the modifications as everything is in one place and up to date.
  • Document expiration alert system with email notifications and notification system with the operations performed.
  • Additional tools such as inspection sheets, forums, image galleries, contact book.
  • Integrated document manager with document versioning (version history)
  • Possibility of generating infinite types of documents with custom properties (metadata) for each one. This allows you to create custom fields to include any information related to the type of document and then be able to search for them turning the system into a typical document manager that gives the product great flexibility
  • Extranet area for customers who can quickly consult the necessary data and documents.
  • Online modification: Any changes made appear instantly for the customer.
  • Decrease of emails and waiting times as well as possible shipping problems (failures, mailbox capacity, etc.)


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