Documentary Manager

This system allows you to manage the documentation you want by accessing it from any device and location. The application allows you to have the required documentation controlled, with document expiration notices and upcoming expiration notices. It has a tree-like display of folders and files similar to the Windows explorer, which gives it a great ease of use. It allows to create multiple libraries and the creation of metadata or custom properties by type of document, these properties are fully customizable. The manager also includes a security system that allows managing access to the documents and folders at the level of groups or users and with inheritance of said security or not in the subfolders.


  • Access from anywhere in the world and with any device with a web browser (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc)
  • Document expiration alert system with email notifications.
  • Document manager with document versioning (version history)
  • Display mode in Windows explorer format.
  • Possibility of generating infinite types of documents with custom properties (metadata) for each one. This allows you to create custom fields to include any information related to the type of document and then be able to search over them by turning the system into a typical document manager that gives the product great flexibility.
  • Security system and access control by users and groups with the possibility of definition in each folder and/or file or with inheritance.
  • Multi-language (currently Spanish, English and Portuguese)
  • Document finder with the possibility of simple or advanced search.
  • Visualization reports (who and when) and access log.


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